Data Governance Framework

Data Governance is about specifying the decision rights and accountability framework to encourage desirable behaviors in the use of Data

A Data governance framework touches practically every part of your data management process down to the individual technologies, databases and data models. The framework also affects the processes people use to create and retain data – and how you can replicate these rules within applications to help you make smarter decisions faster.

our goal is to help every customer successfully reach – and exceed – their data governance goals. Our data governance services team works hand-in-hand with you throughout the customer journey to ensure there is:

  • A smooth on-boarding process
  • Complete enablement and training for your team
  • Alignment with your implementation plan and key milestones

Data Governance Services


Defining policies, frameworks, processes to establish or enhance data governance.

Workflow Management

Enabling rule-based workflow for proper data management

Master Data Management

Ensuring standard master data and any changes in master from source

Metadata Management

Ensure consistent metadata with proper lineage to source systems

Security & Privacy

Ensure role-based access to data with proper encryption

Data Quality Management

Provide complete, accurate data for your enterprise

Benefits of Using For Data governance

Data governance controls the quality of the data and provides consistent and trusted data that business users can rely upon to make critical decisions. Below are some Benefits of data governance:

  • Making data consistent
  • Improving data quality
  • Making data accurate, complete
  • Maximizing the use of data to make decisions
  • Improving business planning
  • Improving financial performance
  • Maximizing profits of the company

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