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What is Website Redesign?

By definition, redesign means to “design again or in a different way”. A website redesign service is all about redemption of your website from the clutches of outdated design and structure.

The decision to redesign your website is crucial because you are necessarily moving things around to make it easier and more organized to access. An efficient redesign will hold together for many years to come.

Why go for a website redesign?

The world is heading towards new technologies. With every industry trying to make its information available to people on-the-go, a business website without a responsive website design is more likely to lose customers to the other your competitors.

Redesigning your website can make it light and more efficient. This means, customers would spend less time searching and more time acquiring information from the website.

Statistics say that 9 out of 10 people look for a good user experience while viewing into a website.

When do I need a website redesign?

When you feel that your website is losing customers because of its outdated design

When you feel that your website’s design doesn’t match the standards of some of the best websites around. Or simply when you feel a need to change the plain, old and boring design.


We, at ALIF IT SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD., have years of experience in creating websites for our customers.

We will help at every stage of the website redesign process- from locating the areas for improvisation to the actual redesign work. Our dedicated team would ensure that you are aware of every single step and will make sure that the whole process is conducted in a professional manner.

We care for your websites because we always believe in elaborate, long-term solutions rather than quick-fixes.

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