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Initially, we thought that Mobile web development will be one of the other services that we will provide to our customers. However, the era of mobile web development has dawned and we couldn't be left far behind. Consider this. More than 58% of U.S population own a smart phone already. With HTML 5 gaining popularity, you need to have a mobile site that supports the latest technology. What's more, Flash isn't supported any longer by iOS and Android mobile devices, and you need HTML 5 to display videos effectively.

Why Do You Need Mobile Web Development?

  • Mobile devices have different hardware features when compared with a desktop or laptop computers.
  • Screens of mobile devices are smaller and usually switch from portrait to landscape as one rotates its screen.
  • The website is built natively on the device which means that the unique features a mobile device might offer, is actually taken advantage off.

We also create browser based applications through mobile web development. These are websites that are built specifically for mobile use.

Why Us

App Marketing

mobile application indore

Many companies invest months into designing and developing an application, only to have no marketing plan to launch it. Marketing is not putting it on an app store and posting to Facebook that it's available. To market your app, you're going to try all kinds of things. You're going to get people to know about it through many channels. You could focus on what brings the most downloads, or even better on what brings the highest revenue.

App Maintenance

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So you just got a new mobile app developed and you want to know what's next. You spent so much time and resources developing it, shouldn't it be good to go? Well, that depends on your goals. If, however, you are looking to keep improving and use it frequently, then you will probably need a maintenance plan in place.

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